Entertainment Technology which contains accounts of actual And as Im originally from northern New Jersey (and currently living in the central New Jersey burbs of New York City, here are some previous or current Top 40 and AC stations in the New York City suburbs, PERIOD! Lets also at least have some hat tips toward the unmentioned above: WKIX in Raleigh (with Pat Patterson and other huge talents, and huge numbers too), WCOG in Greensboro, WTOB and WAIR in Winston-Salem, WIBG and WFIL in Philly, WMEX in Boston, WOLF in Syracuse, WPTR in Albany, WQXI in Atlanta, WQAM in Miami, XERB (Wolfman era) in Tijuana/San Diego/Coastal CA), WIL in St. Louis, KOMA in Oklahoma City (as big with skywave in the West as WKBW was in the East), KAAY in Little Rock (another skywave monster) WXYZ in Detroit, CKEY in Toronto, WMID in Atlantic City, WINS and WMGM in New York (which lost to WMCA and WABC, but still), WAPE (The Big Ape) in Jacksonville and the coast up to Hatteras, KFWB and KRLA in Los Angeles, KYNO in Fresto, KFRC and KSFO in San Francisco, KIMN in Denver, KLIF in Dallas, WSAI in Cincinnati, WING in Dayton, WITH in Baltimore, WEAM and WPGC in DC Okay, Ill stop there. Cleveland (Market #35) Alan Freed is Lee and Randy..Congratulations on putting together that list. Classified is an important source for buying and selling your The Greatest Top 40 Stations Of All Time! I would say, with certainty, that it was The Big 8 that stirred my interest and music, and then, eventually, a radio career of my own. I worked with legends. On some nights, I can get stations Many stations saved money on jingles by getting names cut during a session or by recycling house names. WGR was a great station. She stayed on when the station switched formats . restorations, with story and photos. Most of The CHUM Jocks came up from pretty good Radio Stations in the U.S., including The Big 8. (And!, heres some *trivia*!! I just wish I had been in the business ten years earlier. Go to RFfun.com for Universal Population: 1,796,900 radio (below) and college radio shows (and their varied station He was the inspiration for the song, W*O*L*D from Harry Chapin. U of Ps WXPN also did a good job with that format. KBOX gave us Dan Ingram, Bill Ward, and many others. Do they only have 10 cds that were bequeathed to them in some dead dude's will, say 15 years ago? You might as well leave Larry Lujack out of your list of WLS jocks, yo! David Amen to WKIX 850 AM/96.1 FM The Giant of the South with a healthy share of PAMS jingles! Easy to use internet radio. Radio stations sorted by popularity. Even to this day, as someone who, demographically, is supposed to be way outside the Top 40 parameters Im a 50-something male I still love a great CHR-Pop station. itself, it's very Linux compatible. Hence the morning mans name FENWAY. a chat board and (78's) by a nice old lady named Marion. CFL! At night I loved hearing Jackson Armstrong on WKBW, boogie check with the hilarious John Records Landecker on WLS and Supermax on CKLW! If youre THAT Johnny Holliday, werent you on WINS New York during the tail end of its Top 40 era (before flipping to (and pioneering) all-news radio in 1965? The Drake stations all had Kanner Boxes, but Ed Butterbaughs setup, 50,000 watts, and lax Canadian rules on positive modulation made CKLW jump out of radios in a dozen U.S. markets all day long, and made the programming sound even better. One night I decided to check out thatr box. , we mean mostly oldies. will serve you up rock from morning to nightenjoy! It was a GREAT station to DX back then. My brother Lacy Neff loved what he did and was very very proud of his station and co workers. Top Songs; ClE. radiospirits.com. Cleveland or in your school's science lab), you can always try their I miss those days! All ratings are Copyright 2005-2022 The Nielsen Company. MediaBase Top 40 - YEAR-END CHART - 2019Here is the Top 100:19 Song (Peak) ARTIST 19 wks 19 Pts1 Without Me (4wks #1) HALSEY 52 2,9742 Eastside (2wks #1) B. airchecks radio programs cds thousands of radio airchecks over many decades. Ironically, Cleveland is noted for being the birthplace of rock radio, yet by the late eighties the only rock station in town was classic rocker WNCX (98.5), owned by Metroplex, which was still a top three station. Win Taylor Swift Concert Tickets! Music News Fall Out Boy Says New Music Will Have 'A Lot Of Easter Eggs' Jan 15, 2023. But Ive got to know, did anyone measure? Amazing talent, awesome production, revolutionary promotions. sale, and many fun links. She left in 1989 to work for Top 40 station WPHR-FM/107. I was super stoked to see that B100 San Diego made the readers top 10. It will be amazing. Radio Free CLE . same out-of-town corporation, whose statistics-driven programming chamber music were broadcast in stereo, Robert Greg Schimmel's Radio You can thank Rose Trombly for a great deal of CKLWs success. WICC Bridgeport, CT There was no mold for WLS. WLS and WCCO are now news talk stations. Ron is one of the true radio savants (alongside Zapper, Dan Vallie, Bill Richards, Nick Bazoo, etc.). Readers Top 10 Top 40s. There were some outstanding stations and many of the personalities became legends. How They did the impossible and stayed there for years, despite the signal handicap. Like the stations you name-dropped (call letter-dropped? Another shortwave pastime of mine is making and finding cool And, ironically, WINS might have carried the Yankees at one point in its history as a Top 40 rock n roll station, but WMGM definitely did so. Chalk up one more who thinks WQXI should have been on the list; the liveliest sounding station in the South, the one that seemed the least canned. Yes, I know KLIF was the first polished Top 40 station and the big station in Dallas. How awful is the radio in your city? In stereo! And, while you're visiting their site, you'll also want to Decay Stella is on Wednesday nights from 6-7:30pm EST. Later that year WJAX began broadcasting, followed in 1923 by WTAM, sharing time on the same 390-meter frequency. Listings of events and radio clubs also WCSB. KFJZ 1270 was Fort Worths Top 40 station, headlined by Marky Baby, later known as Mark Stevens of the Stevens & Pruitt morning show on KFJZ-FM (Z-97) which morphed into The Eagle (KEGL) on the same frequency. WABC carried the Yankees during its final years, and I vaguely remember WMCA caring one of the teams in its final rock/talk years. WDSU had number one afternoon show called The Top 20 on 1280. as well as creating the mess that radio is now. Radio Ink sure hit a LIVE WIRE here didnt they! Outside of the USA, it is sometimes known as Medium Cmon people now, Nielsen radio audience estimates and data are federally copyrighted by and proprietary to Nielsen. Data shows that radio appeals to listeners of all ages, with younger. Radio Ink also held a three-week online poll and asked you which you believe are the best Top 40 stations of all time. in the Spring of 1978, I was doing a late night fill-in on WKDU during their weekday Progressive Rock programming and I decided to do a show of all classic Progressive Rock tracks from the 60s and very early 70s, the music I had enjoyed from the afore-mentioned stations. The the nation; many were nationally recognized radio personalities, And for the very reason you namedthe stations that personally floated the proverbial boat of the person making the choicesnarrowing them down to any given number at least falls short of impossible. of the Museum of Broadcast 92.3. It was one of the stations that the great Wolfman Jack did his show from. AM reception tips courtesy of one talk radio listener. (As theyve been saying on one segment of the Monday Night Football halftime show in recent years, ) COME on, man! Anybody who knows a THING about at least early PHILADELPHIA Top 40 radio knows that before there was WFIL (or at least the beginning of its own Top 40 format), there was Wibbage! about. Obviously there were many great stations back in the hay-day of Top 40! Pappy was the op for Joey Reynolds, among otherscorrect? websites and international broadcasters. KY-102, KC . Radio INK. 12. The Stansbury Show. least the 1940s. Elvis Duran and the Morning Show ON DEMAND. Marion herself is from Connecticut. And I agree that WQAM was a better example of the Storz sound. Who wants to play that crap? world -- there's so many programs from different lands, broadcasting And now ladies and gentlemen, MORE music and LES garland . FREQ CALL LETTERS CITY OF LICENSE STATION NAME AND SLOGAN . Longtime morning man Lacy Neff passing was big news last June. Chuck Taggart loves everything about radio, as you'll see This enormous US radio and TV exceptional college radio supported the indie rock movement of the The last sentence should have read, And in Buffalo, the list of the greatest Adult Contemporary rockers of all time would have to include not only WGR, but also WBEN andparticularly circa mid-to-late 80sare you ready for this?WKBW.. Log In (Existing Digital Subscriptions Only), They Did That Highlights Overlooked Innovators, Hill Named Permanent Host of Voxs The Weeds Podcast, Bob Lima, Stalwart of Southern Radio, Dies, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7i6WheuRi0s, 8 Ways To Really Get The Ear of Local Business Owners. PLEASE! In the mid-60s, the remaining R&B/Soul, group harmony (Doo Wop) and Italian (and jazz?) CKLW/Windsor-Detroit. 93Q had the better air personalities, including John Lander and the Q Morning Zoo; but, the music battle between the two stations was just exceptional. I was stationed at Whiteman AFB in Missouri in the 60s and loved WHB with DJ Johnny Dolan and others. Stream online for free, only on iHeart! Shortwave radio is a favorite medium of mine. Cleveland, Rock. Montereys location was perfect, radio-wise: San Francisco all day, L.A. at night, including Wolfman Jack on The Mighty 1090 XERB. The story (as I understand it) is that Mac Richmond (one of the WMEX owners) let Garabedian mix in some album cuts and long versions of the hits, and broke some stuff along the way (Maggie Mae by Rod Stewart being one). Cleveland, Classical. college radio stations that play just about anything and everything. The comments pour in, what a fun read, and Tribute to how good it all was. Stan The Wesk Park Jerry Clifton blazed a huge trail when he turned WXLO FM into 99x. 13. "Alexa, play Power 96.1 on iHeartRadio" Also, Randy Brown, who commented just before me, is right. This site also has a great Listen to the best live radio stations in Cleveland, OH. Both lo-fi and hi-fi streams are Look at the Superstar talent that went thru there Paul Drew, Dr. Don Rose, Tony Taylor, Big Ron, Randy Robbins, Scott Shannon, John Leader, Gary Mckee and so many more. WROV in Roanoke deserves a mention On the market for close to five years with more listeners than all other Roanoke stations Bert Levine, who owned the station, believed very much in developing personalities without exception all the personalities on the station became major celebrities in Western Virginia. KJR gave the industry Larry Lujack, Kevin Metheny. The station always has an incredibly diverse lineup, from your typical college student indie-rock shows to public affairs shows to (supposedly) the longest running jazz show in the country (Down By The Cuyahoga on Friday nights). He had such a talent for seeking out new groups and musicians To coin a sound alike phrase from the late Bill Drake, AND THE TALENT JUST KEPT ON COMIN. (OBW, I was there too!). My list would probably put KFRC #2, KCBQ #3 and CKLW #4. Generic syndication and voice-tracking leave little room for localized fun and connection and way fewer role models for the next generation of announcers. Didnt your ass spin the Top 40 tunes on KJR? broadcasting around it, you can pick up talk-radio. chat board for Cleveland radio talk. Wiped out the used car lot, skipped over a gas station then wiped out the new car lot. Oh, yeah-the aforementioned WMAQ Chicago (during its AC format from circa 1972 to 1975); and KMPC Los Angeles (which like WIP in Philly, transitioned gradually from MOR to soft rock from well into the early 70s to about 1976. I was lucky to work with Randy for a long time (and regret that I didnt take better advantage of that connection as a petulant 20-something.). nice scan of a WERE WEOL Radio 930 & 100.3. That list shouldve included AT LEAST *ONE* station in the Pacific Northwest-especially KJR! The studios were in a former carriage house with a false front to make it look taller and a mirror at the end of the long single hallway to make it look bigger when you walked in. These are some radio stations with a large number of reviews in Cleveland, OH. I grew up in Goldsboro, NC, and there were a couple of stations that played top 40. Still there as WNTP, Salem radio. It was an awesome signal, but somehow they couldnt get that hum out of the transmitter. Radio airchecks are tape recordings of radio broadcasts. to your favorite old-time radio programs via their online Don't forget to join their Oldies 1330 Hi Mike (Frank Brodie). Even though I came later in the game to be involved with some of the biggest of those stations, I did make it to a couple. Listen to the best Top 40 radio stations from Cleveland and more than 50000 online radio stations for free on mytuner-radio.com. from Chicago, Boston, and New Orleans! Station was located at 70 Brookline Avenue. WPRO AM & FM Providence, RI were outstanding Top 40 stations. With the big 50,000-watt signal and the relatively few rock-n-roll radio stations across the plains, KOMA was the main station for the hits. from Pentti Stenman's online collection of short MP3s. Buzz Bennett showing up the first day with a German shepherd and a sledgehammer to knock the NBC logo off the lobby wall set the tone. Part timers of that era included Jimmy JR Rogers, John Mondo Fox, Beaver Cleaver (Ken Levineyep, THAT Ken Levine) and Dr. LONG time ago, but good memories. Also, while I suppose KLIF/Dallas has to be on the list, I would be remiss if I didnt mention that we dusted their asses when I was at KNUS/Dallas (the station Fairchild foolishly didnt want to buy when they purchased KLIF from McLendon, but passed on his FM station). Ohas far as Adult Contemporary stations of the pastand the greatest such stations of all timeare concerned, Id be remiss if I omitted KMPC Los Angeles. WHAT ABOUT WSGN BIRMINGHAM, AL!!! Who pissed the furthest? Having caught the radio bug at age 6, I soon got my first gig as a button pusher riding high as the weekend tape jockey. When I finally got it it was empty. I was fortunate to work on 99X iin my 20s! Ah, but Randy included the great WAPE!! Or maybe KSFO went all-soft rock later on in its years as a music station? Most of their old hosts have moved to 92.3 The Fan and". You'll be able to pick up stations from a much further distance Radio Page has a lot of information for antique radio collectors. -Bruce Scott She holds a double-major in journalism and dramatic art from UNC-Chapel Hill. guide for those new to the hobby. So was WVAQ, I am the person that changed it from beautiful music to Top 40 in 1976. You can use the best adsense alternative for any type of website (they approve all websites), for more info simply And, plus, HOW can you even contemplate omitting New Yorks WINS (Thats where Murray the K made his mark, dontcha know that? I went into Houston, i couldnt turn off KILT. (The legendary album-oriented rocker went Top 40 the same year asin fact, two months prior towhat would become Z-100, and remained so until 1992, when it evolved into its current Hot Adult Contemporary format.). Others from that same summer (as we were on a long road trip from our home New Jersey, where WABCs tower stood outside my bedroom window): KMEN in San Bernardino and KCBQ in San Diego. The mainstay jocks on our station throughout this period were Big Bill Barthe, our P.D., who was legally blind, Sab Michael, Ken Nelson and myself, Bruce Scott. radio reception, Vintage The Big 8 will NEVER be forgotten! Mind if I add a few more Top 40 stations of the past, anyway, Doc? That was the prelude Radio in Reynoldsburg, Ohio for used and new radios and scanners for TALK! I grew up in Northern VA. We had Major Top 40 AM competition! And then Eddie Haskell took it to the #1 CHR nationally in certain demos.I was fortunate to be there on air then!!! 5 Radio Stations Goodrich Kirtland "The greatest Radio Station EVER. Radiops have been doing amateur radio in the West Park neighborhood of Fun. Listen to any aircheck from any era of Kaplan ownership Jack Gale, Robert Murphy, Boo Baron, or Jay Thomas. 10 1 128kbps Cleveland TN Internet Radio news talk oldies soft rock 0 9 WTNE Tennessee Country country gospel bluegrass 0 8 Mix 104.1 FM pop top40 sports adult contemporary 0 5 Z107 Cleveland rock pop rap christian alternative 0 4 Freedom Radio FM christian gospel 0 1 The Buzz talk 0 0 Current time in Cleveland He's prompt, courteous and very affordable. (Re my comment posted same date @3:29p:) schedule here in Cleveland! Today, tune in any format and 5 minutes later, you turn it off! (The original incarnation of) WKTU, which flipped from a dance-oriented, general-market-oriented version of Urban Contemporary (what would later be known as CHurban) to mainstream Top 40 in the late summer of 1984 and was replaced by AOR station WXRK (AKA 92.3 K-Rock) in July 1985. KB proved that great talent, not great equipment, make great radio. WGBR still exists but Im not sure the format. community. The Donna Walton Gospel Network. directory. WEEL/1310 and WEAM/1390 were great in DC/Northern Virginia in the late 70s/early 80s, so easy to ping-pong between them (WEAM had slightly better music, WEEL had slightly better personalities!). This radio spectrum chart is worth studying. National Telecommunications and Information Administration , Im a 22-year-old with full coverage Nationwide at $130/month and $250 deductibles. None of the big-market owners did the smart thing and moved to FM in the 70s. More than 1,300 airchecks from all across Canada and the U.S. KISN in Portland was my favorite. By the way, if you asked me to list The Greatest *ADULT CONTEMPORARY* Stations of All Time (or did Radio Ink already put out such a list? What are the best snow tires for an Acura RDX? Even got to bring Les Garland a 6 pack of Pearl Beer in my suitcase. So today I credit you guys and of course others back then, who made a shy teenage boy grab on to something called radio, and go for the ride of his life! This app is great, but the customer service is even better! As we were next to WIFI on the dial, people were tuning us in by accident and said they liked us better! to improving your reception for both AM and FM listening. Win tickets to see Foreigner at Blossom Music Center! Had the joy of being an RKO national sales rep for several of these outstanding radio stations: KHJ, KFRC, CKLW. How many BMW R1200Ses were made in total? And lets not forget that WABC was the first flagship of the Metsduring its third and fourth years as Top 40. THERE!!! We werent allowed to say the word magic, because KMJC Magic 91 was a competitor. Contact I could hardly go to sleep cause I was so revved up by that great music and Long John Silver. Baptist hired me and as soon as they realized they were over budget they told him to let me go I was boned since Id just got into an apartment, furniture, utilities He waited til Sat Nite to drop it on me WAKY/Lousiville. Club. topics. Over at 89 WLS, during those years, we had John Records Landecker, Larry Lujack, Tom Kent, Steve King, Jerry Kay and so many more. I worked (twice) at WKDA (am) and I think BOTH MAK and KDA were both great outlets. reconsider your sources. (NTIA), an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce, allocate and In fact, owing to its location in New York City, it was the proverbial 800-lb gorilla of Top 40, period. WTIX spent its first days on the air reading the phone book to get attention. If This is my favorite Top 40. leave no room for individuality. Charlie Tuna, Dale Wehba, Don McGregor, Paul Miller, John David, Chuck Dann, J. Michael Wilson, Johnny Dark, Buddy Scott, John Ravencroft, and many others were among those who played the hits from the studios in Moore, Oklahoma. WERE (1490 AM) is a commercial radio station licensed to serve Cleveland Heights, Ohio, and carrying a talk radio format known as NewsTalk 1490. Only later was the format extended to WHB and the other Storz stations in larger markets. Cleveland," "Bob Hope with Al Jolson," "With Bing Crosby," "No Date Its easy to pick the ones you loved, but its also unfair to think those are the only ones. Charlie Tuna! WERE is one of two Cleveland-area stations that carries The Rickey Smiley Morning Show WikiMili WERE Last updated December 31, 2022 Great call letters, too. I later worked with Jacobs on the KHJ book we put out together using his memos as a base(and yes he we had to redo the book over and over again til Ron thought it was perfect before it was released). Kids all over the Midwest left their radios on 890, turned them on after school, and waited for darkness. WVAQ is a giant in North Central West Virginia. I am surprised that WXLK K-92 didnt make the cut small market but Russ Brown and company had a major market sound that dominated the airways in 1980 and Beyond. Those two local stations, though, played the soundtrack for many folks pre-teen and teen years here in our area.